Which tool for my needs?

Woleet has developed a whole range of software to meet the multiple contexts of electronic signature and sealing.

Choose how you want to store your signature keys

Essential for creating an electronic signature, cryptographic key pairs are associated with identity data to demonstrate who is the author of a signature. It is therefore sensitive data that must be protected.

Personal (or decentralized) storage mode: the best way to control your signature keys

  • Woleet.ID Ledger Edition: Woleet provides an embedded application on Ledger, a secure cryptographic support dedicated to key management.
  • Woleet.ID Mobile Edition: Woleet provides a mobile application on Android and iOS, that can generate an encrypted key and use this key to sign.

The semi-decentralized storage mode: for corporate contexts able to secure their information systems

  • Woleet.ID Server: This software that is installed in your information system can generate signature keys, and associate them with identities. You retain control over your identity data and leverage your existing corporate identity management processes.

The centralized storage mode: when other modes are not possible

  • Woleet.ID Server hosted by Woleet: Woleet hosts its own identity server for customers who want a 100% SaaS service. No constraints on users or the information system, Woleet manages everything.

Choose the level of identity verification of your signatories

The identity of the signatories associated with the signatures must have been verified in order to limit the risk of identity theft. The level of confidence in the identity of the signatory varies greatly depending on the method used.

Email and phone number verification: this is the minimum level of verification implemented by Woleet in its hosted solutions (Woleet.ID Server and Woleet Sign) or when the signatory has its own key holder (on Ledger or mobile).

Identity verification based on internal procedures: when you host Woleet.ID Server, you guarantee the content of your identity database using your own procedures.

Identity verification by a sworn third party: Woleet offers you an identity verification service performed face-to-face with a lawyer. Today, this service is limited to the identity of legal entities. It results in the creation of identities verified in a Woleet.ID Server hosted by Woleet.

Identify your signature user journeys

You want to personally sign a document that you produce yourself (e-signature)
You want to sign an engagement letter, audit report, NDA, or any other document you produce yourself, use our desktop application: ProofKeeper. Compatible with any operating system, ProofKeeper connects to the Woleet API to time stamp or sign electronically. ProofKeeper implements signature keys stored in Woleet.ID Server, whether hosted by you or by Woleet.

Your organization wants to certify documents it produces (e-seal)
Your company issues invoices or pay slips and wishes to guarantee their origin. These documents are produced in batches and concern high volumes. Our ProofKeeper desktop application or its command line version woleet-cli is perfectly adapted to the creation of your e-seals (e-stamps). ProofKeeper implements signature keys stored in Woleet.ID Server, whether hosted by you or by Woleet.

You want to request the signature of documents from internal or external parties (signature request management)
You want a partner to sign a contract: you send him a request for signature. To do this, you have the choice between our two web applications, depending on whether or not you choose to host the identities of the signatories.

  • ProofDesk for Teams, if you host identities in Woleet.ID Server. In this case you have the possibility to create advanced electronic signatures according to the eIDAS regulation.
  • Woleet Sign, if you prefer a 100% SaaS service. You choose the best compromise between ease of use and safety.