What is Woleet Sign?

Woleet Sign is a user friendly online electronic signature application for small and medium businesses.


Woleet Sign

With Woleet Sign, signing documents is now easy and smooth for you and your contacts: no more editing, printing, scanning or faxing: a simple drag&drop of the document do the trick!

Woleet Sign is the only solution on the market preserving the confidentiality of the signed document: it never leaves your computer. Woleet Sign only uses its digital fingerprint / hash which is computed by your own web browser.

Another key advantage of Woleet Sign is that you can sign any digital document: invoices, contracts, images, photographs, music, computer code etc... there is no more limit to electronic signature.

With Woleet Sign, you will be able to create your next signature request in 2 minutes, but not only:

  • Follow and monitor all your signature requests
  • Add new signers on the fly
  • Sign and verify the identity of the signers with a simple SMS code and by email.
  • Prepare your signature requests in advance and let Woleet Sign send them at the date you set.
  • Set a deadline for your signature request
  • Send a personalized message to the signatories with your signature request
  • Share the proof of signature with other people.