How to install ProofKeeper?


  • Go to Github to download the installation file of ProofKeeper, corresponding to your operating system.
  • Double-click on the installation file to install the application on your desktop.

Note: on macOS, you will get an alert as our application does not come from an identified Apple developer. To allow the use of this application, please follow the Apple procedure.

Once installed, you can follow the configuration wizard:



ProofKeeper can be configured using the configuration wizard that opens automatically when you start the application for the first time. It can also be configured manually using its settings menu.

For timestamping, ProofKeeper only needs to know your Woleet API token to be able to use the Woleet API to create an gather proofs.

For sealing, ProofKeeper additionally needs to know:

  • the URL of the signature API of your Woleet.ID Server instance
  • the API token to use to authenticate to this signature API
  • the signature keys to use to seal


Configure ProofKepeer for sealing in one click!

If you deployed your Woleet.ID Server instance using the Woleet Dashboard, you can configure ProofKeeper for sealing in one click: go to the "My organization" menu, "Identity server" sub-menu, and click on the "ProofKeeper" tab to find the configuration link.