Woleet 1.10.2 release note

Woleet Sign

Woleet 1.10.1 release note

SMS credits

Woleet 1.10.0 release note

Verify signatures immediately after signing

Woleet 1.9.0 release note

The empty file can no longer be timestamped or signed

Woleet 1.8.2 release note

Download your invoices

Woleet 1.8.0 release note

Face-to-face signature and document upload/download

Woleet API 1.7.7 release note

Proof bundles

Woleet API 1.7.3 release note

API and Callback errors history

Woleet API 1.7.1 release note

Signature workflow customization

Woleet API 1.7.0 release note

  • Signature requests can now have a life cycle
  • Signature requests can now manage an audit trail
  • An endpoint has been added to download the Signature attestation PDF document at the end of the signature request
  • Signature request search endpoint can now sort and filter
  • New fileName and fileURL attributes added to signature requests
  • Feedback can be sent the the requester of the signature request
  • Signature requests now support "One click sign"