ProofDesk for Teams

ProofDesk for Teams is the enterprise version of ProofDesk.

Enterprise domain

You share a Woleet subscription for your enterprise or organisational entity.
Woleet hosts for you a domain where multiple user accounts can be created.

Graphical webapp personalization

Some graphical personalization of the user interface can be made on the domain:

  • Logo
  • Organization name
  • CSS override

Electronic signature with Woleet.ID Server

ProofDesk for Teams allows you to create electronic signature requests involving signatories that were registered in Woleet.ID Server.

Woleet.ID server is the identity management system of your signatories.

You benefit from the integration between ProofDesk for Teams and Woleet.ID Server.

  • As a signature requester, simply add signatories to your signature requests.
  • As a signatory, authenticate to Woleet.ID Server before signing.
  • As an admin, benefit from single-sign-on access between ProofDesk for Teams and Woleet.ID Server.

ProofDesk for Teams is also compatible with signature keys stored on a mobile or on a Ledger (via dedicated Woleet applications). To register such signature keys in Woleet.ID server, use the enrolment function.