Woleet provides a SaaS platform and a set of tools allowing to:

  • timestamp data and get timestamped proofs of existence
  • sign data and get timestamped proofs of signature
  • request signatures from people with no Woleet account and get timestamped proofs of signature
  • verify proofs of existence of data
  • verify proofs of signature of data (including signees' identity)
  • share proofs with other people

Woleet services are accessible:

With the ProofDesk web application, users can manually timestamp and sign data and verify proofs of existence and signature. They can also edit proofs' tags and metadata.

With the Woleet API, applications can leverage all Woleet services without friction, like creating or verifying proofs of existence and signature.

Woleet also provides a set of open sourced tools on Github:

  • Woleet.ID for Mobile Phones and Woleet.ID for Ledger Nano S applications. Use these applications to manage your user identity and sign data using this identity.
  • Woleet Backend Kit. Host this open sourced NodeJS server to manage and prove your organisation identity and to sign data using this identity (the backend kit is for organisations what the Woleet.ID app is for end-users). Note that when you use the Backend Kit, your identity becomes verifiable thanks to an API exposed publicly allowing third parties to verify that you own your bitcoin address and to extract the identity of your organization from its TLS certificate.
  • woleet-weblibs. Use these JavaScript library to hash files and verify proofs independently from Woleet.
  • woleet-widget. Use this HTML widget (see it in action at https://btcproof.info) to verify proofs and identities online independently from Woleet.
  • pre-generated SDKs to use the Woleet API using Java or JavaScript. Note that you can generate the SDK for any langage by using Swagger/OpenAPI.