What is Woleet Dashboard?

Woleet Dashboard is a web application helping developers to integrate the Woleet API into applications.
It allows to subscribe to the service, manage API tokens, monitor the usage of the API and to deploy and configure various Woleet tools like Woleet.ID Server, Woleet CLI or ProofKeeper.

Woleet Dashboard also provides a set of tutorials demonstrating how to perform most of the tasks the Woleet software suite allows.


Woleet Dashboard


If you had a ProofDesk account you can use it to login

Woleet Dashboad replaces the deprecated ProofDesk application. Log in or create your new account here

What you can do with Woleet Dashboard ?

Configure and monitor the Woleet API

  • Manage your API tokens and callback secrets.
  • See the proofs and the signature requests you create.
  • Monitor the errors returned by the Woleet API or by your callbacks

Customize your proof auditor

  • Get your own proof auditor on a specific domain (eg: auditor.your-company-domain.com)
  • Brand your proof auditor right away from the Proof Auditor menu. Just pick your color and your logo.

Customize your signature page

  • Get your own signature page on a specific domain (eg: signature.your-company-domain.com)
  • Brand your signature page right away from the Proof Auditor menu. Just pick your color and your logo.

Deploy your identity server

  • Get your own Woleet.ID Server instance running on a specific domain (eg: identity.your-company-domain.com)
  • Setup the identity of your organization
  • Get access to your identity server signature API
  • Configure ProofKeeper in one click and start sealing your files right away