What is ProofKeeper?

ProofKeeper is a desktop application allowing to automatically create proofs of timestamp and proofs of seal. Using this native application for Windows, macOS or Linux, you can automate the timestamping and sealing of your sensitive files.


ProofKeeper is well suited for trusted persons working regularly with sensitive files. It can handle a large number of files and avoids the need to integrate the Woleet API in most cases.

The use of ProofKeeper is very simple and non intrusive.

You can find the latest release here.

Once installed on your computer, and after configuring the folders, ProofKeeper will continuously timestamp or seal all files contained in the selected folders (even sub-folders if the related option is chosen). Any update of the files is detected and can lead to the creation of a new proof. An internal recovery process manages interruptions seamlessly.

ProofKeeper connects to the Woleet API to perform timestamping and additionally to the API of your Woleet.ID Server instance to perform sealing. In any case, confidentiality of your files is entirely preserved. As in any of our tools, your files remain on your computer and only file hashes are sent to Woleet.

Technically speaking, ProofKeeper is a desktop application built on woleet-cli. It is compatible with any operating system.