How to sign with Woleet.ID Ledger Edition

1. Sign a signature request

1.1 Prerequisites

1.2 Sign

  • Click on request signature link. A signature request web page will open as below

Verify the fi

  • Select or drop the file to sign

File to sign match with the signature request

  • Now connect your Ledger Nano S to your computer. Unlock it with your personal PIN code and go to Woleet.ID Ledger Edition.

Go to Woleet.ID Ledger Edition

Waiting action from Signature request web page

  • Click on "Sign with your Ledger Nano S".

Waiting action from Ledger Nano S

  • The hash of the file to be signed is then displayed on the Nano S. Carefully review the hash displayed on your Nano S matches the one displayed on the web site.

Carefully review the hash displayed

  • Confirm signature on Ledger Nano S by clicking on the right button.

Confirm or cancel signature

  • Then on signature request web page a confirmation message will be displayed.

Signature confirmation

That's it, you have just signed a document ! 🎉

Updated 2 years ago

How to sign with Woleet.ID Ledger Edition

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