What is the Woleet.ID suite?

Woleet.ID is a set of open sourced applications allowing you to create and control your own identity and to sign some data using this identity.

A Woleet.ID identity is made of:

  • a public bitcoin address that you can claim and share with anyone wanting to verify your signatures
  • an associated private key that remains under your control and allows you to sign with your public bitcoin address

Woleet.ID is available on several devices:

Woleet.ID is also available as an on-site server. It allows to manage the identity of your corporate users, and allows them to sign data using their identity.

When signing using Woleet.ID, the signature produced is anchored in the Bitcoin blockchain to produces a timestamped proof of signature (see Signature Anchoring).

Signature requests can be created using Woleet ProofDesk.

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