Sign a file


ProofDesk will disappear, we strongly recommend you to use Woleet Dashboard

You can use your ProofDesk account to log in to Woleet Dashboard.

To sign a file with ProofDesk go to the "Sign a file" panel and choose the file you want to sign.
Once a file is selected, your browser computes its hash.

Then, you can see and edit the details of your proof of signature:

  • The hash of the signed file
  • The identity of the signatory (your common name and email address)
  • The name of the proof (by default the file name)
  • The tags of the proof (you can use tags to classify and search your proofs)
  • The visibility of the proof (public by default): public proofs are discoverable by anyone having the hash of the data
  • The metadata of the proof

This part is similar to the timestamp creation process.

Once you have filled the proof properties, you can now sign the document using either:

  • The Delegate your signature to Woleet button (your signature key is generated and managed by Woleet)
  • Your mobile phone and the Woleet.ID Mobile Edition application (your signature key is stored on your mobile phone)
  • A Ledger Nano S and the Woleet.ID Ledger Edition application (your signature key is stored on your Ledger Nano S device).

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