The Woleet software suite

As a specialist in digital proof, Woleet offers an API and a series of software components to facilitate the usage and integration of its services.

Woleet's software suite leverages a public blockchain, Bitcoin, which provides the immutability and intangibility properties essential for reliable proof creation.

The Woleet software suite provides the following main functions:

  • create timestamped proofs of existence.
  • create signature requests, sign and get timestamped proofs of signature.
  • verify proofs of existence and proofs of signature (including signatories' identity).

The Woleet API

With the Woleet API, customer applications can use all Woleet features without friction, like creating or verifying proofs of existence and signature, and creating signature requests.

The Woleet applications

With the ProofDesk web application, users can manually timestamp and sign files, request for signatures, and verify proofs of existence and signature. They can also configure and monitor their usage of the Woleet API.

With the enterprise edition of ProofDesk, ProofDesk for Teams, organisations can work collaboratively on proof creation, and also implement signature request workflows.
For this, ProofDesk for Teams integrates with our open sourced identity management service, Woleet.ID Server. Host this NodeJS server and client web app inside your organization's IT to manage the identities and the signature keys of your organization's users, and to allow them to sign data using their identity.

Woleet Sign is a simple end-user oriented web application dedicated to electronic signature, and entirely hosted by Woleet, meaning that signatory identities are verified and managed by Woleet.

With the ProofKeeper desktop application, users can simply automate the creation of timestamps, electronic signatures and seals of their files.

With the woleet-cli command line application, server-side users can automate the creation of timestamps, electronic signatures and seals of their files.

Woleet Auditor is a public and free to use proof verifier allowing to verify any kind of proof generated by Woleet.

Finally, BtcProof is an open sourced and independent proof verifier allowing to verify any kind of proof generated by Woleet.

The integration tools

Woleet provides a set of open sourced tools on Github:

  • woleet-cli. Use this open source command line tool to simply integrate Woleet API. The tool is written in Go and has been tested on Windows, macOS and Linux.
  • woleet-weblibs. Use these JavaScript library to hash files and verify proofs independently from Woleet.
  • woleet-widget. Use this HTML widget (see it in action at https://btcproof.info) to verify proofs and identities online independently from Woleet.
  • Pre-generated SDKs to use the Woleet API using Java or JavaScript. Note that you can generate the SDK for any langage by using Swagger/OpenAPI.
  • Outlook add-in. Use this add-in to timestamp or sign your important emails.
  • Woleet.ID for Mobile and Woleet.ID for Ledger Nano S applications. Use these applications to create your identity and sign data using this identity.
  • Woleet.ID Server. Woleet.ID Server is for corporate users what the Woleet.ID apps are for individual users.

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The Woleet software suite

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