Requesting signatures

The Woleet API allows to ask some individuals to sign a file by creating a signature request. The file to sign can be of any type and is not modified by the process: only its digital fingerprint is required, so that the file does not even have to be disclosed to Woleet.

The Woleet platform handles the full life cycle of the signature workflow:

  • it sends a signature request by emails to signers,
  • it authenticates the email of signers
  • optionally, it authenticates the phone number of signers by sending an OTP via text message)
  • it asks the signer for the review of the document
  • it asks the signer for the consent to sign
  • it logs all events occurring during the signature workflow
  • it sends emails related to the signature workflow events to parties
  • it builds an audit trail from these events
  • it seals the audit trail
  • it sends the signature attestation document to signers

Each signature performed produces one proof of signature.

At the end of the signature process, an audit trail is produced and sealed by Woleet. A proof bundle containing the audit trail, its proof of seal and all the proofs of signature can be retrieved as a JSON file, or attached to a human readable signature attestation PDF document.