Create a new anchor.

Use this operation to create a new anchor of one of these two types:

  • a data anchor (generating a proof of existence receipt) allows to prove the existence of some data at some point in time.
  • a signature anchor (generating a proof of signature receipt) allows to prove the existence of the signature of some data at some point in time, the validity of the signature and the signer's identity.

    The properties id, created, lastModified, status, timestamp and confirmations are read-only and so must not be provided: they are managed by the platform and added to the returned anchor.

    For data anchors, only the properties name and hash are required: the hash property must be the SHA256 hash of the data to anchor, and must be computed caller side. This allows not to leak the original data.

    For signature anchors, only the properties name, signedHash, signature and pubKey are required (though the identityURL property is highly recommended).

    Be sure to have at least 1 anchoring credit on your account.
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