Download the Signature Attestation document of a signature request.

Use this operation to retrieve the Signature Attestation document of a signature request.

This PDF file summarizes the signature request and includes the proof bundle as an attachment.

The proof bundle is a JSON file containing all the pieces of evidence:

  • the audit trail
  • the proof receipt of the signature of the audit trail by the platform
  • the proof receipts of the signature of the file by the signers

Consequently, the signature attestation is only available once all the following conditions are met:

  • the signature request is COMPLETED (by the platform) or CLOSED (by the requester)
  • all the proof receipts are available (ie. all signatures have been anchored)
  • the audit trail is generated and signed by the platform and its proof receipt is available (ie. its signature has been anchored)

Once these conditions are met, the platform sets the proofBundleComplete property to true.

This is a publicly accessible endpoint: authentication is not required to retrieve the signature attestation of a signature request (but its identifier needs to be known).

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