Woleet 1.15.0 release note

API and platform

What has changed?

  • Stateless signature requests that have expired are now automatically transitioned to 'EXPIRED' by the platform (similarly to stateful requests).

What's new?

  • A reminder email is now sent by default to the owner of a signature request 1 day before its expiration date.
  • You can now extend the deadline of a signature request.
  • You can choose the default language to use for signature request emails.

Woleet Dashboard

What's new?

  • All tutorials have been improved to help you understand the Woleet API and the way to timestamp or certify your files using our automated tools ProokKeeper or Woleet CLI.
  • A new tutorial explaining how to customize the signature page as been added.
  • A new tutorial explaining how to configure Woleet CLI (command line tool behind of ProofKeeper) has been added.
  • You can now search proofs or signature request by their name, tags and file hash.
  • Proof and Signature request detailed views have been improved.
  • You can enable Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive or DropBox in the file picker of your custom Proof auditor and Signature page.