Woleet 1.14.0 release note

What's new?

This release is focused on file certification (i.e. the creating proofs of seal for your organization's data). In just a few clicks, you can now deploy your identity server hosting your organization's signature key and identity and start using it to certify your files.

To that purpose, the Woleet Dashboard has been improved with two new tutorials demonstrating:

  • how to certify files using your identity server's signature API and the Woleet API
  • how to automate the timestamping and certification of files using your identity server and ProofKeeper


Fully customizable signature workflow!

It was already possible to customize all the emails sent during a signature request and to replace the default Woleet Signature page by your own hosted signature page.

The Signature attestation document can now also be fully customized by providing its template in the signatureAttestationTemplate variable of your signature requests.

Furthermore, using the Woleet Dashboard it is now also possible to deploy your own branded version of the Woleet Signature page with the possibility to set your own domain name (eg. sign.acme.com) logo, colors and text.

All these features allow you to customize the entire Woleet signature workflow to your organization's needs.

Woleet platform

To help you find integration bugs and react quickly, the Woleet platform now reports API errors and callback errors by email every day.

The realtime status of the Woleet platform can now be accessed on the Woleet Dashboard -> Monitoring -> Status tab.

Woleet Sign

Minor bugs fixed.

Woleet Auditor

More identity information are displayed in the details view.
Minor bugs fixed.