Woleet 1.11.1 release note


A new amended document including the signed document plus a signature page can now be dowloaded during 14 days once a signature request is closed or completed.
This document is only available if the signed file is a PDF document that has been uploaded to Woleet

Note that the signed file remains unmodified and is still the one that is actually signed by signers. The amended document is signed only by Woleet. Note that the amended document contains the proof bundle as attachment and so is can replace/is equivalent to the Signature attestation document.


  • New amended boolean query parameter added to GET //signatureRequest/{requestId}/file, allowing to download the amended file (ie. the original signed file amended with a signature page) instead of the original signed file


  • You can now specify the email where to send invoices
  • The number of SMS credits id now equal to the number of signatures credits

Woleet Sign

  • Drop zone redesigned
  • Support of PDF files improved (some files were not correctly displayed)
  • The signature verification page is replaced by Woleet Auditor
  • Minor bugs fixed

Woleet Auditor

  • Support of PDF files improved
  • The Auditor now accepts the URL of a proof receipt or the URL of a signature request as parameter to limit its scope. The Auditor can now replace the old pages used to share proofs and signature requests.
  • Minor bugs fixed