Woleet API 1.6.0 release note

Posted by Claire-Lise 2 years ago
  • added: One Time Password support for signature requests
  • added: Signature requests now use emails instead of Bitcoin adresses to identify signees. Signature request links are automatically sent by email so that emails can be verified at signing time.
  • improved: Domain configuration page allows Domain admins to configure: proof default visibility, favicon, logo, welcome page, help page, default duration of signature requests

2019-01-31 Product news

Posted by Claire-Lise 2 years ago

First of all, we want to wish you all the best for this new year!

Woleet API 1.5.3 release note

Posted by Woleet SAS 2 years ago
  • added: ProofDesk for Teams users can now use their on premise Woleet.ID Server to sign in to ProofDesk using their Woleet.ID Server credentials, to sign files using their Woleet.ID Server identity and default key and to create signature requests for other Woleet.ID Server users by searching for their email or name
  • added: Customers using custom plans can now be charged and notified for off-plan crédits usage.
  • improved: /receipt/verify endpoint returns a new TX_NOT_CONFIRMED status code when the transaction is not yet included in a block, and thus no timestamp can be reported.
  • improved: Credit usage is now reported to the customer by email when credit get low (less than 10% of plan total credits) and when there is no more credits.
  • fixed: Various fixes in the payment workflow.

2018-12-11 Product news

Posted by Claire-Lise 2 years ago

Woleet is glad to inform you about the latest improvements on electronic signature!

Woleet.ID Server 0.3.0 release note

Posted by Woleet SAS 2 years ago


Woleet CLI 0.1.2 release note

Posted by Vincent Barat 2 years ago

A lot of things changed in this version:

Woleet API 1.5.2 release notes

Posted by Woleet SAS 2 years ago
  • added: API token management improved

Woleet API 1.5.1 release notes

Posted by Woleet SAS 3 years ago
  • added: Support of OAuth2: sign in/up with Google or GitHub
  • added: Signing a file can now be done using Woleet.ID mobile application
  • improved: White Labels can now be skinned using color palettes

Woleet API 1.5.0 release notes

Posted by Vincent Barat 3 years ago
  • added: White label support (domain specific users can be managed using the API)
  • improved: UI simplified
  • added: "Verify a file" now searches proofs among your proofs and public proofs
  • added: ui.woleet.io is now app.woleet.io