Woleet 1.12.0 release note

What's new?

Woleet's customers integrating the API should now use the new Woleet Dashboard web app using their regular API/ProofDesk credentials (use https://dashboard-preprod.woleet.io for pre-production). The Woleet ProofDesk web app is officially deprecated but can still be used as it will be supported for a few months.


Deploy your own branded Proof Auditor !

The Woleet Dashboard can be used to deploy your own customized version of the Woleet Auditor with the possibility to set your own domain name (eg. auditor.acme.com) logo, colors and text.

What has changed?


It is now possible to know if an signature anchor was created by the platform in the context of a signature request by looking at the new signatureRequestId property. This makes it possible to distinguish between 'proof of seals' (when a signature is anchored by an organization to certify some data) and 'proof of signature' (when an individual signs a file in the context of a signature request).


Fixes and clarifications.


ProofDesk now distinguishes between proofs of seal and proofs of signature.

Woleet Sign

You can now sign in/up with your Google account.
Minor bugs fixed.

Woleet Auditor

Minor bugs fixed.

Woleet Dashboard

First official release.