2019-03-22 Product news

Claire-Lise · about a month ago

This month, we have improved the user experience of electronic signature:

  • The signature requests are now automatically sent by email to the signatories.
  • A SMS code can be used to check the phone of a signatory.
  • Our mobile application Woleet.ID Mobile Edition, available on...

    ProofDesk / Woleet API 1.6.0 release note

    Claire-Lise · about a month ago3 changes
    • 2 added
    • 1 improved

    2019-01-31 Product news

    Claire-Lise · 3 months ago

    First of all, we want to wish you all the best for this new year!

    Providing an eIDAS compliant and scalable electronic signature remains at the top of our priorities!

    For users of ProofDesk for Teams connected to Woleet.ID Server, our on-premise identity repository, it is now possible to make...

      ProofDesk / Woleet API 1.5.3 release note

      Woleet SAS · 3 months ago5 changes
      • 2 added
      • 2 improved
      • 1 fixed

      2018-12-11 Product news

      Claire-Lise · 4 months ago

      Woleet is glad to inform you about the latest improvements on electronic signature!

      We have been working hard on our identity management solution aimed at matching an identity with a signature public key (aka bitcoin address), regardless of its location: internal to Woleet.ID Server, or...

        Woleet.ID Server 0.3.0 release note

        Woleet SAS · 4 months ago4 changes
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        Woleet CLI 0.1.2 release note

        Vincent Barat · 5 months ago

        A lot of things changed in this version:

        There is a new 'export' function allowing to download all proofs from your ProofDesk account
        Logging strategy has changed, you can now get a JSON formatted output and specify a logging level
        --strict-prune was renamed to --prune and have a different meaning

          Woleet API 1.5.2 release notes

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          Woleet API 1.5.1 release notes

          Woleet SAS · about a year ago3 changes
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          Woleet API 1.5.0 release notes

          Vincent Barat · about a year ago4 changes
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