The Woleet Zap

Connect Woleet to thousands of web applications thanks to Zapier

Zapier is an application allowing you to easily create automation between web apps. You can move information between multiple services called "Zaps". Zapier is a tool for primarily non-technical users.

The Woleet Zap allows you to create triggers or actions very quickly.


Before using the Woleet Zap, you must have a Woleet account and a Zapier account.

You can get the Woleet Zap here

Here are the triggers you can use:

  • New anchor is triggered when a new anchor is created on your Woleet account.
  • New request for signature is triggered when a new signature request is created on your Woleet account.
  • New Receipt Available is triggered when an anchoring receipt is ready to download on your Woleet account.

Here are the actions you can use:

  • Hash a File: Compute the SHA256 hash of a file.
  • Create a Signature Request: Create a signature request for a file.
  • Anchor a File: Create a proof of existence for a file.